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Friday, March 11, 2011

Some of JUMP members are INJURED

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Omg~!!!! EARTHQUAKE and TSUNAMI in JAPAN!!! Kowaii yo~!! but the good news is]
but im worried for JUMP some are tweeting that Yamada Ryosuke, Yabu Kota, Daiki Arioka and Nakayama Yuma from hey say jump are injured.
from NEWS ZERO....
nanka..... i wanna cry~!!! I hope everyone of them are OKAY~!!!

and also.... SUDA MASAKI!! I hope he is really fine!!! :[ please....

okay guys... PRAYER is the only way to save them...

Hope that AFS Japan won't delay my Departure~~~ 

This is list of JE who saved from that Earthquake


  1. Ahh~ I don't understand japanese but I hear that Yamapi is ok ;_;! and I hope Ikuta Toma too ;_;

  2. Please, translate the names, I really want to know if they're safe!! I'm glad that Kamenashi is alive, and that Taguchi and Kitayama are safe. I can't read the other names, so please translate!!

  3. The tsunami is terrible. Have you heard something about Matsuyama Kenichi or Fujiwara Tatsuya. Hope they're all okay.

  4. Yhey are OK @blurry lumatic
    see my new posts @Anonymous