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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Other AFS-ers Blog!!

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Hello people,

These are blogs from other AFSers I met so please check them out and follow them
1. Dora’s Blog

2. Tiffany’s Blog
Eating You Alive

3.Yukari’s Blog
Off to the land of the Rising Sun! Weehoo!!

4.Zakiyya’s blog
Land of the Rising Sun Dream

5.Safiya’s Blog

6.Leandro’s Blog
Haciendo Desastres en Japon (Making Disasters in Japan) Its in spanish, but if you click here you will see it translated

If you are an AFSer going to Japan on 2011 please leave a comment with your blog’s page! Thank you
If you were an AFSer please leave a comment with your blog’s page if you have one if not then leave a private comment with your information so I can ask you questions.

AFS/JENESYS document!!!

Hi you guys!!! sorry for being late update this blog again. i had a bad things in this week. yeah, who cares about it!! I just want to feel happy all day before my 1 year amazing experience at Japan. It's Sunday and i had lot of  break time to spent.

so, Luckily i find a page taht contains amazing blog that belongs to AFS-ers all the world tahat going To JAPAN at 2011-2012!! Same period with me!!! it's really fun that we know each other before gathering around at Japan next March!! man, i am a luck girl who can meet you all!!

Here, I want to share several AFS official document to me....
In Indonesia there are 3 step selection!! How About your country???
It tells about i finally accepted to go to Japan at 2011 until 2012. and this is a final result about
AFS Year Program TO GO TO JAPAN!!! 
i will go abroad at March 2011!! See ya everyone!
Student Application

Okay! That's all. actually the documents that i recieved from AFS are more than 3-5 paper!! it is almost 20 paper! man, it was really spesific and difficult form to fill in. but, it was not a BIG DEAL desho??

Nice to meet you (soon)!!! hahahahaha

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

foto-foto seleksi AFS :D

Koleksi foto dari album babjakarta di flickr.

Alamat-alamat referensi untuk mencari sumber informasi AFS:

1. Website Kantor Nasional:

2. Website Kantor Bina Antarbudaya chapter Jakarta:

3. Album foto Bina Antarbudaya:

di cek ya di cek.....

Monday, January 24, 2011

Chat with steinick about JENESYS programm 2011

S for Steinick
N for Nitya (me)

N: i like ur profpic <3<3 (Steinick with his Japanese friends at High School in Japan)
S: Thanks...
i can't wait for those time
I know! tell me about it!
they will definitely welcome you warmly...
hahaha i hope it will be
Japaneses are just great...
but now i have talked to Hiromi Matsunaga, AFS volunteer at Niigata
ano, Steinick did u have seen any Japanese without uniform in daily school??
i kinda worry if i can't wear japanese uniform there
why? what's with japanese uniform..
is that because of the short skirt?
I think you can ask for a long skirt..
no, i want to wear japanese uniform but, AFS told me if there are school without Uniform
ah I get it...
i want to had an experience when i wear Japanese uniform T^T
I worry if my school doesn't have uniform]
well when I was there, I didnt see any students not wearing uniform...
hae you got information about where you'll be staying?
no, yet.
wherever i'll be placed... I WANT TO SEE SNOW FALLING!!! hahahaha
hhha..I didnt manage to see snow last year..apparently in Tokyo snow stars falling in February...
did you depart in autumn?
tell me, what are you proud of High School in Japan??
Well it was winter already but it wasnt snowing...the weather was totally cold and I felt like freezing...
well the students are nice and eager to learn..t
they enjoy talking to foreigners
freezing? really? i saw ur photo with them and they didn't wea warm clothes?? hahha
and most of them are talented..I joined several school club and I was astonished with their talent..
well its because I didt have one..and clothes in japan are expensive...
Every time I went somewhere I always brought a warm bottle of tea with me...
well, do u speak with japanese?
I did..I talked to some japanese students. Sadly they didnt understand english and I didnt speak japanese fluently..but they never gave up finding something to talk although I didnt understand what they said..
hahhaha i was thought you will not
u are fluent in English but i was thought that.. "how can japanese will talk with Steinick?? they are shame person??"
hha yeah at first I was worrying about it as well..but it turned out that they enjoyed talking with foreigners and they're proud to show their culture..I remember when I was taken to several rooms where they preforms japanese art...they even took me library and gave me a book in japanese to read hha...
it was indeed a good memory..
you speak Japanese fluently, dont you?
I bet you'll enjoy living in japan more than I did
based on reason, i take course for bout 4 years~~
hahhaa i was thought when you hold that book "hey!! I can't understand ur languange, and know u ask me to read this? Man, u are kidding me~~"
Yeah, i have same feeling: worrying about 1 year with different languange
that's great! you wont face language barrier then..
well I couldnt say that as they were so I pretended that I enjoyed reading that
Japan is indeed the best place ever...
oh anyway the girls hardly spoke with me..I guess they're shy...
1. because japanese are shame people (actually i was shock that u said Japnese people tried hard to talk to you. maybe they are choosen student from that school)
2. because u are man!
3. Maybe u didin't try to talk at first?
I only had conversation with boys. and they're pretty comfortable speaking with me..
maybe..I didnt know how to start conversation with them...
anyway I'd better go..
I have to study
catch you later :)
I Can't say goodbye for him because he quickly offline to study! Bye, Steinick, thank you for sharing!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

My Friends at JENESYS PROGRAM To Japan!!! -it has been anounced!-

21 January 2011
This afternoon, i received e-mail from Ka Sri about making thank you letter for Donatur. And on that e-mail she also mention my Friends name in the same Country destination!

I Don't know how they look like. but, i really happy that at least, i know their name.
Here They are:
-Muhammad Inardy Rizky
-Andi Chaerunisa Utami Putri

-Panduaji Panditatwa

hmm.. i am so curious what they look like and personality!! hey guys, please contact me before the AMAZING ONE YEAR!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mr.puff -Brand Kudapan dari Jepang-

Waktu jalan-jalan ke Central Park sama mama dan ade, kita makan kudapan di sebuah kedai mini di sana...

Maka saya maksa untuk nyoba brand kawaii (makanan) dari Jepang, eh ketemu deh Mr.Puff

 (Atas) Kue Tape Broeder Choco Chips and Cheese

KONO GREEN TEA _puff berbentuk corong, diisi dengan cream Green tea_
(Ichiban Suki desu!!)


Tanggal 15 Januari 2011 kemarin, ada Bunkasai loh di SMAN 1 Depok..
Yang mengadakan adalah MGMP Guru Bahasa Jepang se-Depok. Acaranya diisi oleh berbagai kegiatan lomba yang berbau Jepang.
Mulai dari lomba cerdas cermat, Lomba Akustik, Lomba Shodou dan juga lomba Yonko Manga...
Sekolah yang mengikuti lomba ini ada 20 sekolah..

sebenernya, acaranya gak gede-gede banget. tapi, lumayan ramai lah yang datang. Nah, NBK (kelompok belajar Bahsa Jepang) di SMANSA, dipercaya untuk mendekor acar bunkasai tersebut.
Padahal. kita baru dikasih tahu suruh mendekor bunkasai H-2!!! Gila kan??!! Tapi, Insya Allah sekuat tenaga kita berusaha supaya mendekor cepat selesai. dengan bantuan TIM NBK yang HEBAT dan BERKOMITMEN penuh.... AKHIRNYA KITA BISA!!!! dalam waktu 2 hari kita bisa melakukanya!!

Ini dia foto-foto kita  :

 Maria (atas) serius bangt ya ngewarnain itu cewek.. katanya namanya Painem -..-

 Yang Gambar cewenya adalah irvina~~
 Saya dan si Painem
 Pohon Sakura ini Laku KERAS buat foto-foto!!

Foto-foto panitia dekor NBK:

jahhh fotonya malem2 jadi gelappp gomen -..-

Berikutnya foto-foto pada hari H

Saya pokoknya sangat berterimaksih kepada anggota NBK yang sudah mau merelakan waktunya hingga larut malam mendekor!! kitapulang jam 8-an kalo ga salah...

Padahal waktu kita sangat singkat. tapi NBK mampu melihat prioritas sebuah pekerjaan>>> Saya bangga bisa mengkordinasi kalian!!!


Dompet Baru

Ciyee akhirnya saya punya dompe baru juga.... (^_^)/
warnanya Pink, temanya Hello KItty...
Lucu deh.. 
untung ikut jalan-jalan ke Central Park, jadi bisa beli dompet baru deh.... :D


Friday, January 7, 2011

Umika Kawashima first kiss!!

I found article from:

Umika Kawashima talked about "Watashi no Yasashikunai Senpai" with other actor. it is the last paragraph when Umika and kanada told they really kissed on that dorama.

...........Finally Kawashima and Kanada talked about the kiss scene they had during the movie.
Kanada: "We really kissed!!"
(everyone is laughing)
Kawashima: "I was strangely nervous in front of that scene. It was my first kiss scene after all, so I continuously thought about how to do it right, even while filming that very scene. However, after having watched the final movie, I'm glad that it turned out into a beautiful scene."
Yamamoto: "You really didn't stop being tense."
Kanada: "I was nervous too! It's Kawashima Umika after all. I thought that it might be her first kiss for real, so I started to practice with a pillow a countless of times the day before! I brushed my teeth many times prior to the actual scene and continued to practice wit air kisses at the set. Then it was time for the kiss. We got the OK after one try and I felt like I could finally release all that tension, when suddenly Umika-chan came to me and said, thank you very much. I was so moved and started to cry."
Kawashima: "It was the first time I saw him crying like that."
Kanada: "Anyway, just as expected her lips were very soft and fresh. It didn't seem like she had a kiss before."
Kawashima, however, decided not to reveal whether that was her first kiss or not.
"That will stay my secret forever! If I talked about that in public, I wouldn't be able to go to school(?) tomorrow," she replied and laughed............

Automatically i directly think about Chinen. if you are a Hey! Say! JUMP fan, you are absolutely know about rumor between Umika and Chinen, right?

Chinen seem like to Umika and so does Umika. Chinen had gave Umika ticket for Jump concer with special price. also Umika like to be near Chinen. and i think that the sentence below is refer to Chinen.

Maybe Chienen and Umika really kissed before! because, Umika and Chinen are in teh same class at Horikoshi Gkuen. We Know that Horikoshi really strict to run their rules. but who knows if Umika and Chinen had special relationship under career and school life???

But, this is just my opinion. don't get in mind seriously. hehehe

Japan Entertainment Ranking

Yahoo! Japan Search Word Ranking 2010
Top 100 Name Search

1. AKB48 (6)
2. Arashi (1)
3. Tohoshinki (2)
4. Maeda Atsuko (63)
5. EXILE (3)
6. Kitagawa Keiko (5)
7. Oshima Yuko (-)
8. Rinka (7)
9. Shinoda Mariko (186)
10. Tsuji Nozomi (14)
11. Nishino Kana (139)
12. Sasaki Nozomi (22)
13. Shoujo Jidai (Girls Generation) (-)
14. Mukai Osamu (37)
15. AAA (28)
16. Kimura Kaela (30)
17. Itano Tomomi (-)
18. Asada Mao (65)
19. B’z (11)
20. Hamasaki Ayumi (17)
21. Fukuyama Masaharu (15)
22. Perfume (16)
23. Kanjani 8 (48)
24. Mr. Children (13)
25. YUI (19)
26. Darvish Saeko (9)
27. Ikimonogakari (43)
28. Sakamoto Ryoma (-)
29. Sawajiri Erika (87)
30. Sato Takeru (4)
31. Hey! Say! JUMP (27)
32. KARA (-)
33. Sakurai Sho (105)
34. Kamiji Yusuke (12)
35. Koda Kumi (31)
36. Naka Riisa (-)
37. BIGBANG (172)
38. Inoue Mao (32)
39. Mizuki Nana (72)
41. Namie Amuro (45)
42. Aragaki Yui (57)
43. SMAP (56)
44. KAT-TUN (33)
45. Yamada Ryosuke (39) --> Horikoshi gakuen!
46. Hirano Aya (66)
47. Kitano Kie (128)
49. Ishikawa Ryo (77)
50. aiko (26)
51. Ueto Aya (47)
52. Kashiwagi Yuki (-)
53. Lady Gaga (-)
54. Ayase Haruka (64)
55. Ohno Satoshi (136)
56. Watanabe Mayu (-)
57. Hokuto Akira (102)
58. Miyazaki Aoi (67)
59. Matsumoto Jun (122)
60. Kobukuro (29)
61. Ninomiya Kazunari (142)
62. Nakagawa Shoko (Shokotan) (18)
63. Honda Keisuke (-)
64. Michael Jackson (20)
65. Yuuki Maomi (92)
66. Yuriko Yoshitaka (60)
67. Morning Musume (82)
68. UVERworld (74)
69. SID (41)
70. SKE48 (-)
71. Kiritani Mirei (-)
72. Kim Yu-Na (-)
73. Suzanne (24)
74. Horikita Maki (100)
75. Minami Akina (46)
76. Yamashita Tomohisa (62)
77. Kato Miliyah (81)
78. GACKT (49)
79. Hoshino Aki (50)
80. Takashima Aya (161)
81. Kosaka Yuka (-)
82. Akanishi Jin (119)
83. Takahashi Daisuke (-)
84. Takahashi Minami (-)
85. YUKI (146)
86. Nagasawa Masami (86)
87. GLAY (38)
88. Kawashima Umika (104) --> Chinen must be proud of it! Horikoshi kid too!
89. Porno Graffiti (71)
90. flumpool (91)
91. Park Yong Ha (-)
92. Yuzu (78)
93. Michiko Kichise (157)
94. Inagaki Saki (-)
95. Kimura Takuya (112)
96. Goto Maki (281)
97. SCANDAL (183)
98. Miura Haruma (55)
99. Maki Yoko (207)
100. Hyang (35)

Top 30 Name Search Mobile

1. Maeda Atsuko
2. AKB48
3. Tsuji Nozomi
4. Oshima Yuko
5. Arashi
6. Tohoshinki
7. Shinoda Mariko
8. Kitagawa Keiko
9. Itano Tomomi
10. Mukai Osamu
11. Sasaki Nozomi
13. Kimura Kaela
14. Hamasaki Ayumi
15. Sawajiri Erika
16. Asada Mao
17. Rinka
18. Nishino Kana
19. Hokuto Akira
20. Kashiwagi Yuki
21. Kamiji Yusuke
22. Kitano Kie
23. Ayase Haruka
24. Ueto Aya
25. Sato Takeru
26. Aragaki Yui
27. Sakurai Sho
28. Suzanne
29. Yuki Maomi
30. Takahashi Manami

credit: unleashthegeek
shared by:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Power Balance is FAKE FUNCTION

In few last day, many people in whole country in the world has saw the site that belongs to power balance.

Power balance statement that his product doesn't have scientifical prove. and it just for advertisement. so, how come people are easily cheat by. hahahaha
So, what do you think after see the prove??!!!! take off your power balance now before peoples are laughing at you!! myahahah XDDD