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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Make your own Ice Cream!!!

Holiday is coming!! and it will be nice, if whole family can gathering in one day, but all time. Unfortunately, the busy family can't gathering all time like that. because everyone have their own schedule to do.

My Parents are work as usual. they just have 3 days holiday. One day for Christmas and 2 days other for New Years Eve. yeah, it is very short time. but, i must respect them. remember that they work for me too.

In fact, i spent my holiday with my cute sister and brother. Although my brother have school on holiday to prepare his national exam.

Today, i made an Ice cream. taste was really yummy and sweet! Also, i like the filling! we named it NiNaNa Ice cream. the name is easy remember and represent our name

I will tell you our recipe to make an Ice Cream!! here we go:
                                   NiNaNa Ice Cream


2 cup of milk (Chocolate, Vanilla, or strawberry. anything you like)
♥ 1 cup of vanilla sweetened condensed milk (susu kental manis)
♥ 1 tea spoon Vanilla powder (vanili serbuk)
♥ 1 tea spoon gellatin powder (bubuk agar-agar)
♥ 1/4 cup of warm water
1/4 of honey
Cashews (chop it)
jelly candy (chop it)
Large Bowl
Whisker (pengocok)
1. Mix the milk, gelatin and vanilla powder in bowl.
2. After mixed, pour the vanilla sweetened condensed milk.
3. Put into freezer and leave it untill 2 hours.
4. Take the bowl, mix with whisker.
5. Add the cashews and jelly candy. combine and stir together.
6. Put the bowl again on freezer. wait until harden 
7. After that, put the place to take it. and Voilla!!! Enjoy your own Ice Cream!
psst... if you are fan of:
Yamada Ryousuke: make strawberry ice cream to him!
Chinen Yuuri: Vanilla ice cream will be nice!
Takaki Yuya: Chocolate is his favorite!

Okay That's all! Enjoy it!!

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