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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sakamoto Shougo latest photos has arrived! (Available in his First Photobook)

Ladies and Gentleman ♪

i made this post on March. but i post it now, gomen ne minna~~

How's you? Whether you're busy with exams or if you have a lot of spare time? I hope you all remain in a state of happiness.

So also with Shougo-kun. He is enjoying his school holidays now. The plan, on vacation this time, he would train seriously to prepare for the concert Black Pearl. Have you seen his video promotion?

There is also good news from Shougo Sakamoto (阪 本 奨 悟) fan group. There are several limited edition photographs of Shougo's Photobook. Come to the group and see how handsome Shougo on camera. You can also comment on the photos themselves. There are many videos about Shougo link you can see.

Keep Shougo support for, and prayed for his health.
Hope you have a lot of time to visit Shougo's Facebook fan group.

NB: Shougo thrilled when fans group itself is on Facebook. This means, he was grateful to you all.

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