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Monday, June 27, 2011

Ryutarou Morimoto is smoking ?!

when i saw this picture on facebook. i was really shocked! howaaah i also can't read the Kanji. is anyone can read the Kanji? Tasukete onegaishimasu!!!

But. i think that he was having some fun by taking picture with cigarettes! but... whether he really smoking or not, but there was cigarette on Ryu-SAN hand!! it's really ashamed as johnny's JUNIOR to take picture like that!!

(Please if you have any opinion or know anything about this, please say it! any information will be help. sankyuuu :">)


  1. Supposedly this is from a magazine called Shukan Josei and it's actually very famous for being against JE.

    As far as it goes it says something along the lines of catching him in the act and he's too young to be doing this. One of the speculations is that he did this to get a cooler image but who knows.

  2. Thanks emmachase (cool name) to sharring! ^__^

    yes, i know about he playin' around with that cigarette. but how come, Ryutaro as Junior member of JE, has bravely to take picture with that things.

    This picture doesn't show anything about adult things or mature! i think that Yabu and Takaki are the oldest in JUMP and didn't show anything fools like this (YET, maybe). but still, i love Hey! Say! JUMP~