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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chinen Yuuri and Yamada Ryosuke as seiyuu in SMURF Movie!

Chinen Yuuri and Yamada Ryosuke who is a members of Japanese boy band, 'Hey! Say! JUMP' will be a voice in an animated movie (as seiyuu at Japanese SMURF version). It will debut in America on 29 July. This animated film tells the story of the main character trying to reinvent the way to his village before it was discovered the wicked witch 'Garamel'.

"I received many suggestions from Chinen who had experienced as seiyuu. So, I will not spoil the image of cute Smurf, "Yamada said that getting the role as 'Clumsy Smurf'. "I want to do the best with it." Yamada  Continued .

Meanwhile, Chinen, who plays the 'Friendly Smurf' replied, "I've done in the past and I get a lot of trouble at that time. It may be more difficult this time, but when I was little I wanted to play as a small blue fairy, "

The film will be aired in Japan on September 9 .

source: Hollywood Channel

Welcoming the new film: SMURF

Yamada and Chinen supposed to be proud to be chosen as seiyuu in SMURF The Movie.

Because, many people enthusiastic about this film, which will be aired in September in the cinema.

Fans celebrate with a unique way.

Inspired by the game, Smurf's Village. Spanish residents paint their homes in blue. and held a SMURF festival. little kids wearing the fairy costume SMURF.

There's even a cute mascot SMURF come to their village!

The film was really waiting for lot of  people. I hope the movie is also good.

 Also, it  will be waiting for people who like SMURF or people curious about the cute voice from Yamada and Chinen.

However, many people are excited to welcome the upcoming film SMURF in September!

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