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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Old Interview Chinen with Ohno (Arashi)

Some of you might have known that Ohno's gonna do an interview with Chinen in the latest issue of Popolo.  I've got the scans over at lj (scans are from a website named Happytown, someone posted them for those who can't use gogobox).  I've made a rough translation, so enjoy i guess?
C: Chinen
O: Ohno



Even cuter than before
C: I’m more nervous meeting Ohno-kun today than last year at FNS.  My heart is all dokidoki (beating really fast).
O: I was thinking of tickling you today. (laughs)
C: If you do that, I’ll just become more nervous!!
O: I was thinking of using this interview to get us closer, so I’m going to call you ‘Yuuri’.  In return you need to call me ‘Satoshi’. (laughs)
C:!?!  (lost of words)  Please just let me call you ‘Ohno-kun’.
O: The first time we met was when Arashi’s Nagoya concert right?
C:  I was in 4th grade back then and I went to the dressing room with my parents to visit you.
O: You were very adorable back then.  Meeting you again after a period of time, you have gotten cuter than before.
C: (blushing) Thank you very very much. But it’s somewhat like an Arashi’s song. (Laughs) [Note: Arashi has a song named Cho Cho Arigatou in their Arashic album, and Chinen said cho cho arigatou]
O: Last year you came to Arashi’s Yokohama Arena’s concert right?
C:  I caught the signboard you threw at me.  It’s my treasure and I have it on display at home.
O:  At that time I asked whether you came from Shizuoka, and that felt like it was the first time we really talked with each other.
C: Yes, I answered “I was very small back then” but I wanted to say “I’m living in Tokyo now”.
O:  Yes! But Chinen-kun is really doing well on your own.  Speaking of which, what grade are you in this year?
C: I’ve just entered Middle School year 3 (9th grade).  I can feel myself getting older, but I can’t seem to get taller. (laughs) I want to become around Ohno’s height soon.
O:  Are you born in 1993?  You were born in the year before I entered the Jimusho.
C: Ohno-kun really knows a lot.
O:  I read a lot of the magazines.  Our birthdays are close to each other as well.
C:  Yes!  We’re both born in November, just a 4 day difference.  It seems like some sort of fate. [Note: Ohno’s birthday is Nov 26]
The 3 of us fishing, with me and Yama-chan
O: So!  It’s my turn to ask questions.  What’s your favorite food?
C:  The dumplings my mother makes.  They’re very good.
O:  I like ramen.  During the times when I have stage plays, it’s good to have some udon that it’s easy to digest.
C:  I also like miso ramen. Udon too.
O: What about your hobbies?
C:  Acrobat.  Doing back flips, copying other people’s moves and such. Ohno-kun’s hobbies are drawing, making figurines and fishing right?
O:  Right now all I think about is fishing.  Speaking of which, JUMP’s Yamada-kun also likes fishing right?
C:  Yes.  This is why I get Yama-chan to teach me how to fish; then maybe Ohno-kun can take me out fishing. (laugh)  Since I’ll get nervous if I’m with Ohno-kun alone, the three of us can go together at first.
O:  If it’s fishing, then it’s ok.  However we’ll be going straight out into the sea so don’t fall! (laugh)
C:  I think I’ll most likely fall into the see.  If I do fall, I’ll grab onto Ohno-kun’s fishing hook and you can reel me in.
O:  I’ll just hook you to my waist like a lifeline so it’ll be fine.
C:  Then we can both fall into the ocean together. (laughs)
O: When summer comes, we can go fish for Shiira  (a types of fish) and bonitos!
C: Bonitos?  We’re going to fish for something that big?
O: If it’s Chinen-kun, you’ll probably get fished by the fish instead. (laughs) We can go out and eat as well.
C:  We can eat the fish that Ohno-kun caught.  Since Yama-chan is good with cooking, we can have him clean and prepare the fish for us.
O:  You’re talking about Yamada-kun again. (laughs)
C: I’m just very nervous because it’s the first time.  I’m sorry.
I’m happy that you admire me but…
O:  Anyway, I’m happy that you admire me a lot but why?
C:  Because you are very good in singing and dancing.  I’ve admired you since Arashi debuted.  I have the debut CD, and I love the solo Ohno-kun did in concert “Top Secret”.
O:  Though I’m very happy about that, there are a lot of people who are better than me.  But Chinen-kun’s spins are really cool.  During Arashi’s dome concert’s rehearsal, I was watching from the audience seating’s and I thought, “How many times did he turn?”
C:  I have confidence in my spins!  The most I can do is around 9 turns.  Matsuoka-kun from Tokio praised me about it before.
It looks fun if we both act in a stage play together…
O: If we can do some sort of work together, what would it be?
C:  I want to go on ‘Arashi no Shukudai-kun’.  In a past episode, members of Arashi said that “Inside the box with the guest maybe Hey! Say! JUMP can all fit in it!” I want to go into that box once! (laughs)
O: We have yet to have any formal jobs done together.  If we’re to perform together, I think a stage play would be good.  Like some sort of travel or adventure setting.  We got to some weird place and got lost then fell into a hole.  Then we can act together when we’re in the hole.
C:  Did you just come up with it now??  That’s cool!  It looks fun.  However, I’ve only experienced being in a stage play once, so I’m a bit worried.  But if the day that I can be in a stage play together with Ohno-kun, I’ll try my best!
O: I think you are working really hard already now.  So maybe at times we can go hang out with each other.
C:  Lastly, I have a request.  Ohno-kun, please make a figurine for me!  Also, please take me with you when you go fishing.
O: Ok, you can look forward to it. (laughs)

CREDIT:  secret-eye' blog

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