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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ranking on D Class Horikoshi School!!

Yihaaaaaaa~~~ it has been so long~~
after shiken last month, Finally i have time to write blog agaibn!!!

See you again, minna,,,,
well, this time i have searched about ranking on 3d Class!! whooaaaaa it's so incredible that (maybe) our idol is a high rank on the smartest or cutest or any rank~~~

Yuuppyyy,,, this is the rank:

Top 5 For:
·         The student who is best at selfcams
1.     Nishiuchi Mariya (Actually she got expelled from Horikoshi because rumor between Yamada and hersel. but, fan said she still beteer on D class Horikoshi on selfcam... agreed)

2.     Nozomi Maeda

3.     Kawashima Umika
4.     Maeyama Mika
5.     Ogawa Hayato
·         The smartest student
1.     Chinen Yuuri (note: his grades is perfect for all subjects, it’s confirmed that he gets the high score in Horikoshi between first year student, in other words, he is the smartest student for first year student in Horikoshi! wohooo he is HOT rookie desho??)

2.     Shida Mirai
3.     Nozomi Maeda
4.     Sakamoto Shougo
5.     Nakajima Yuuto

·        The most gossipy student:
1.     Yamada Ryosuke (with Shida, Airi Suzuki, Mariya, Risako Sugaya, Oh ~~ God!) 

2.    Nakajima Yuuto( there's photo he was under umbrella with a girl! and rumor that he kissed with older girl!)
3.     Shida Mirai (with Yamada, Kanata Hongo)
4.     Chinen Yuuri (with Umika!!! Nitya: Yeah~~ you know that peoples think that both of Umika and Chinen are fell in love. once, Chinen gave special ticket Jump concert for Umika!)
5.     Ohgo Suzuka  (with Yamada.... again XD)
·         The most ignorant student:
1.     Kawashima Umika (kenken: eee, she looks kind….)
2.     Ohgo Suzuka
3.     Nishiuchi Mariya
4.     Tanaka Asami (he is a nice and cute girl.. i like her!)
5.     Hana Cindy Rachel
·         The cutest student:
1.     Chinen Yuuri (mochiron deshou??)
2.     Yamada Ryosuke
3.     Nozomi Maeda
4.     Shida Mirai
5.     Nishiuchi Mariya
·         The student who most eat much lunch:
1.     Yamada Ryosuke (Mariya said on Myspace that her lunch was eatten by Yamada!! greedy boy)
2.     Kamiki Ryunosuke
3.     Irie Jingi
4.     Chinen Yuuri (he likes Gyoza from mom made!)
5.     Nakajima Yuuto
·         The fastest runner:
1.     Yamada Ryosuke
2.     Chinen Yuuri
3.     Kamiki Ryunosuke ( he is similiar with Shougo amd Irie!)
4.     Nishiuchi Mariya
5.     Hana Cindy Rachel (who is her!!???)

·         The strongest student
1.     Irie Jingi
2.     Yamada Ryosuke (exist =3=; )
3.     Sakamoto Shougo
4.     Nakajima Yuuto
                  5.     Chinen Yuuri


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