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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Plan to Go Concert and Fasting

few days ago, i sent e-mail to my host mom. i ask for watch Hey! Say! JUMP concert in Tokyo, 222 August 2011. whoaaa i want watch this concert sooo bad. it's SUMMARY ne! i want to watch it. so i ask her to allow me.

next 2 days she reply my e-mail. before i open it, i worry if my host mom are mad to me. maybe, she will judge me as not polite girl at my e-mail. i am so worry... think twice i prefer meet my host family soon, but write about concert plan so sudenly, maybe make my family disturb... huaaa XD

so, i open it very tightly. and... yokatta! the good thing is she didn't mad me. thus she told me about Family's camping activities. whoaa it sounds fun to me, ne! but, as i predict before... i didn't allow to go to concert... T^T

But, not my host mom didn't allow me to go. but AFS didn't. i know that AFS really protect their exchange. so, i wouldn't doubt about their decision. so, it doesn't matter ro me... yeah, it little bit dissapointed. but i believe that there are so many experiences live by family in Sapporo.

Oya, my host mom also ask me what will be eat din dinner after fasting.... is aid that any food is okay. but no pork and alcohol, of course. but, ia m so curious about taste some sake (Japanese beer). haha, not in Ramadhan of course :P

Also, i can't wait more for meet friends from over the worl in Tokyo orientation. whoaaa!! in Facebook, i meet some of them. we talk much about our lugage and share our curious to depart.. hahaha Tanoshii desu yo ne~~

Oh ya, i don't packing yet... whaaa. ne, i'm not lazy. because my maid come back to her hometown this month. it's Ramadhan month, time for moslem to fasting. and she left my family, whether she will come back or not! mehhhh!!

so, i as a first daughter, and i am not school anymore (waiting for 18 August). keeping and cleaning the house are my jobs now.... hahha but for sure, i do it with happy feeling~~

Jyaa.. that's for this time.
Wait me in another post ne~~~

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