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Monday, August 1, 2011

Little Gift for Japan

Based on what happens in  11 March 2011. Tsunami was hit Japan. this disaster bring a nightmare. there were so many victims.

thinking about my departure (at least 20 days to go) i think about something that will help Japan. just a little thing. I have an idea to give gift dolls for children refugee. is it good?

i think that they lack of toys. they maybe boring or feel alone at the camp. i want to donate dolls or toy for them, and i hope they will be happy.... i think this is good for their psyche.

but it just an idea. i start (already) collect dolls from my friends. but, i don't know how i send the dolls. it may charge lots of money. since the weight of dolls.

anyone please help me pay for shipping packages to their toys ... I do not intend at all lied to you about the cost. anyone who is serious to help, contact e-mail me

Any help would mean all for the kids. Please help them.

Thank you.

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