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Saturday, April 16, 2011

愛ing-アイシテル ( Ai-ing - Aishiteru)

first of all, watch this video:

New song of hey Say JUMP! has really announced! yatta!! i just directly watch the video and found that video was...

Oh my, the video was reallly make me laugh on Loud LOL!!!!! whoahahhahahaah it's freakin out absurd! i mean especially on Yamada's face! it look sot kakkoii, but ridiculous! noo offense ne.... but i think it's so weird. why Yamada have those exspression also, why in "Nande lyric.."  Yamada's move was... buahahahahaha...

but still, Chinen looks perfect and Handsome, love you Chii-kun!! moreover when his finger style like "Bang! I'll shoot you-" it looks nice and cool!! ^-^/~

Funny clips:
in 1.41, Yuya-kun had pose see the floor, anyone had pose to see ceiling right? Is Yuya forget the pose should be?? -no offense-
in 2.23, when everybody in one line, Daiki-kun was clap his butt.. eh?! nani kore..??!

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