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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mom's Birthday!!

Happy birthday to my mom!!!
Today was your 41th year!! sounds great to be more mature! Yihhhaaa you are great and strong mom! 


i, wrote a letter to you...

I like to see your faces when laughing and even you are angry, i loved to see your face. because everything goes to fast in this life. it's so prestigious to be with you. and you always there to keep your family.... 
please to be still strong and see how we grow . even we can't give back your dedication and sacrifice as a mom, we still in your heart to warm your day. 

Mom,, i know your every second was very hard in work and you think too many things. we are know it, and we want to help you. now, we can't but someday it will be.

but still, every second in our life, we always pray to Allah... "Please God,the Lord of almighty... give my mom long life to see how her loves grow to be "someone". and please God,, protect mom from syaitan in her heart. Amin"

Mom, this me. your first child. you can trust me to lead Nanang and Nadya to face this future. with my eye, I will tell you the world that you gave to me.

Thank you for became my mom. Allah placed me in right family. I am Proud to be your daughter.

Nityaningrum D.


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