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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hokkaido, I'm Comming!!!

Yeay!! Hooooray!! Alhamdulillah... i got host family placement!! It is Located on  
Sapporo City, Hokkaido Japan!! 
Yeyyy!! i always says thankfu to Allah!! I'll depart to go to Japan at next March :DD

My FaParentsthen become really busy to buy warm clothes and also coat for me. remember that Hokkaido was a really cold Place(I want Snow falling!!)

I also very glad because i'll enter Sapporo Yamanote Senior High School!! Wow!! this school is awesome! They have other foreign students too like me. wow.... click to see page of  Sapporo Yamanote Senior High School.

See? I can't wait to stay at my host Family. My Family's name on Hokkaido is Satou. I Think my host parents are new couple. yeah, i guess. They have 2 children, (They will be my Little brother and sister ^_^ same with my family structure in Indonesia~~)

Jaa... koko made ni owarimashita. bye bye~~