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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Other AFS-ers Blog!!

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Hello people,

These are blogs from other AFSers I met so please check them out and follow them
1. Dora’s Blog

2. Tiffany’s Blog
Eating You Alive

3.Yukari’s Blog
Off to the land of the Rising Sun! Weehoo!!

4.Zakiyya’s blog
Land of the Rising Sun Dream

5.Safiya’s Blog

6.Leandro’s Blog
Haciendo Desastres en Japon (Making Disasters in Japan) Its in spanish, but if you click here you will see it translated

If you are an AFSer going to Japan on 2011 please leave a comment with your blog’s page! Thank you
If you were an AFSer please leave a comment with your blog’s page if you have one if not then leave a private comment with your information so I can ask you questions.


  1. Aa, Yatta~
    I'm here :)
    Arigatou for linking~~^^

  2. hy you!
    thank you for visiting my blog!!
    are you an AFS-ers too??

  3. Hey~~ Thanks for including me here~~

    You have a really colorful blog! I love it :D