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Sunday, January 30, 2011

AFS/JENESYS document!!!

Hi you guys!!! sorry for being late update this blog again. i had a bad things in this week. yeah, who cares about it!! I just want to feel happy all day before my 1 year amazing experience at Japan. It's Sunday and i had lot of  break time to spent.

so, Luckily i find a page taht contains amazing blog that belongs to AFS-ers all the world tahat going To JAPAN at 2011-2012!! Same period with me!!! it's really fun that we know each other before gathering around at Japan next March!! man, i am a luck girl who can meet you all!!

Here, I want to share several AFS official document to me....
In Indonesia there are 3 step selection!! How About your country???
It tells about i finally accepted to go to Japan at 2011 until 2012. and this is a final result about
AFS Year Program TO GO TO JAPAN!!! 
i will go abroad at March 2011!! See ya everyone!
Student Application

Okay! That's all. actually the documents that i recieved from AFS are more than 3-5 paper!! it is almost 20 paper! man, it was really spesific and difficult form to fill in. but, it was not a BIG DEAL desho??

Nice to meet you (soon)!!! hahahahaha

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