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Saturday, August 21, 2010

New school Year

Hy ladies and gentleman!! how about your first week on new school year? have an enough fun? how about your your new teacher and class? hope u will be fine ^O^

Let's we hear what's going on with Shogo-kun desho?

last June, Shogo has done in filming The Game. for news, The Game season 2 has longer duration than first. which just have 5 episodes. and, he had an interview with JUNON and VISUAL BOY BRUSH (with Dori too). and we can see Dori photo with Shogo. both of them are kawaii.

Oya, on Holiday, Shogo had a concert and trip with Tenimyu. he stayed on a hotel to refresh his tired. and when he fell asleep. he had a bad dream. this is the story: Shogo stay at hotel with Tenimyu, but he wonder why he just sleep alone in a big room?? then he walk into the bathroom, and mouthwash... but suddenly he saw a big spider on tub!!! then he shouted and cried. he ran out from room. then the crew come to Shogo room. but, they scared too. so, all of crew called the front office.... all of crew and shogo and Hotel Manager enter the room again... but, how strange??!! not only the spider but there are thousand of mosquito. one of them than changed into a human with mosquito wing!! Shogo confused, so he jump out the window, and then he flew too! how strange Shogo's dream!! hahahah (why shogo doesn't dream about his dream girls??)

then, he had a nice trip to Enoshima Beach!! usually, he work too. he had an event which reported on TBS. sorry, i dont know more about the event...

Next, he had a Cloth Promotion. he is a model for famous cloths merk, LUGST. he had a several photo session and he promoted the cloths with wearin it everywhere. now, our Shogo seem more erai and fashionable ne?? For your info, LUGST is a brand for teen cloth. hope it will be fit with Shogo charavte... hee hee.....

jaa~~ Minna-san~~

now, Shogo has start his school~~ DON'T FORGET TO WATCH THE GAME!!

bye minna! have a great new school year!!

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