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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Horikoshi Test

Minna san ~ ~

how are you? delighted to have returned to update the news.

New news from Horikoshi Gakuen. Horikoshi is where Shougo school. This time, Shougo are facing the end of year exams. This exam lasts for one week. starting from 24-28 May 2010. Shougo said he will make every effort possible.

He also told Chinen Yuuri (classmates, members of Hey! Say! JUMP) is the fastest finish doing. and Chinen got the best score at test! WOW! Shougo also told, he was a little difficulty with the test.

Let us pray for the best for him!

Do not forget to also watch Sunao ni Narenakute. Latest Drama!

Jaa Minna,keep supporting Shougo!

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