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Saturday, August 21, 2010


.Let's hear from Shougo ~ ~ ~

Shougo saying "this summer!"
thank God, now he has completed the semester exams. And you know the results? Chinen Yuuri, his best friend get the best test results in its class in all subjects and even subjects of English! (In Japanese, is very difficult to learn English T ^ T) then Shida Mirai get ranked after Chinen. Shougo can only express his admiration for both of them can complete the test well as Japanese artists in addition to rushing.


The Game schedule has been set!! Although young age spelled out, Shougo quite a lot of appearances. Also there will be Uehara Takuya, Haruma Miura, Naoto Ito and many more! Premiere of commenced on August 2, 2010.¥ 4500 for ticket prices

The next news event to the 17th anniversary of him!
to remember: 『阪本 奨 悟 バースデー イベント ~ 17seventeen

D-day drew closer, Amuse already started selling official goods Shougo themed.
File photo Shougo (in Black & Pink and Red & White). Consisting of three pieces of exclusive photos Shougo with some style. one album worth ¥ 1200 (including tax)
CubeStrap (kyubusutorappu) is a keychain Mobile with a carved decoration cube number "17" and the initials "SS". Available in black with satin ribbon. Priced at ¥ 650
Ballpoint (borupen) in Black color and Sharp pencil (shapupen) in pink color.¥ 650 every precious thing

We recommend that you purchase it directly at the event.
Remember only in Yokohama and Osaka!
Do not miss the show huh?
Let us support in order to succeed in Acre Shougo Ulangtahunya!

for more details please visit the blog Shougo:

* Happy Summer all. Let's Summer Holiday!

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