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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dorama: Hamma seshon (Hammer Session)

Hello! genki desu ka minna? do some Homework??
for refresh, let we hear news from Shogo!

Minna~~ i think some of you already look Shogo wearing new Uniform on his new Dorama.

He will play at new dorama at this July: Hammer session. and it will be starring by Umika Kawashima and Shida Mirai too. uwaaa... both of them are beautiful girls from Horikoshi Gakuen!!

Shogo Sakamoto will play as Nozima Kenta. but, gomen ne, i don't know how story tell (?). but, first scene has taken at 10 July 2010.

Let us support Shogo! (Shida and Umika too!)

Note: I have some picture of Horikoshi from Shogo!

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